Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This edition is a little light but don't worry, we'll have updates for you along the way. :D

  • In TSCC, if you're a resistance fighter joining us at Comic Con, message @aelysian and she will tell you where to meet.

  • AZTALAN PODCAST posted a podcast on 7/15 with more information about TSCC, Comic Con and's campaign strategy. :D

  • Lena Heady Read recent Q&A with Lena Headey on the Imagine Me & You Fansite where Lena says she'd consider doing a TSCC movie.*+

  • Summer Glau's The Cape panel will be Friday, 2:30-3:30 in Room 6A. I'm predicting this one will be pretty full.

  • * Has nothing to do with Comic Con but it was too good to ignore. :D
    + Special Thanks to fellow resistance fighter @sergiorosi for sending us the link!

    As always if you have tips on our beloved TSCC actors just send us a message at @the3dots or @cinebo or @aliciamarie_v86. So many options to choose from, just choose the closest one on the keyboard.


    1. Dragoncon panel check this out!