Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Everyone!
It's time once more for news in all things Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • In TSCC news, has updated how the money fans raised will be used.
  • New TSCC bios on CTV, with pages for each of the characters.
  • Summer Glau will be voiceing the role of Supergirl in the new Superman/Batman: Apocalypse animated film released on September 28th, 2010. Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy will both reprise their roles.
  • Summer has also recently been cast in the horror flick The Knights of Badassdom also starring Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood"), Dani Pudi ("Community") and Steve Zahn (Joy Ride, A Perfect Getaway). 
  • Summer joined former Whedon alum at the Supanova convention in Australia. Summer was by far the most popular of the attending stars and articles mention her even when they're not about her. *
  • Garret Dillahunt's Winter's Bone opened to mixed reviews. The good, the good, the good and the ___.***
  • Burning Bright will be coming to dvd on August 17, 2010. View the trailer.
  • New cast photos from "Raising Hope."****
  • Levin Rambin is engaged! to film producer Geoff Clark. We can't wait for wedding dress pics.
  • Cute photo of Leven presenting at the NHL awards.
  • Shirley Manson married in a simple secret ceremony. We send Shirley our best wishes for a happy marriage.
  • Did everyone else know that Ashley Edward Miller wrote Season 2, Episode 21 of Fringe? I didn't and so I post.
  • An interview with Ashley Edward Miller from May about X-Men: First Class.

*We personally believe this to be a tragedy as ALL news articles should revolve around former TSCC cast members and any articles which do not should in fact be shunned. We therefor did not post links to any of these shunned articles.**

**While shunned articles cannot be spoken of here, there is a little tidbit about Summer Glau's intention to land a role in The Avengers which was just too good to ignore. Scroll past all the other annoying unimportant info to about mid-page, and when they stop talking about Summer, we strongly suggest you stop reading. :D

***Just as we believe all articles should revolve around TSCC actors, we also believe that they can do no wrong so any slanderous material shall be blocked, mocked and shunned as well.

**** This article is a good example of how writers should look to revolve their stories upon TSCC actors. While other actors may perhaps be stars in the show (this in itself is a tragedy but we will deal with this later), the epic Garret remains the center of attention, as he should.

As always if you have tips on our beloved TSCC actors just send us a message at @the3dots or @cinebo or @aliciamarie_v86. So many options to choose from, just choose the closest one on the keyboard. 

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